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Monday, 11 September 2017

Auto Login Liferay 7 \ Lliferay DXP

Auto Login : Auto login is a feature that allows you to login automatically!

Few of available Auto Login types in Liferay 7 \ Liferay DXP :

  • Basic Authentication
  • Request Header
  • Parameter
  • Remember Me

Basic Authentication Header Auto Login
    To know about basic authentication, please follow this link.

Basic authentication[username + password] can be passed in headers for auto login.
Create a config file named  "com.liferay.portal.security.auto.login.basic.auth.header.module.configuration.BasicAuthHeaderAutoLoginConfiguration.cfg".


To deploy, copy corresponding [.cfg] \ config file to osgi/config or osgi/modules folder.
You can test it through postman like utilities!

Request Header Auto Login

    It requires screen name in request header, header key name would be - "LIFERAY_SCREEN_NAME"
Config file >  "com.liferay.portal.security.auto.login.request.header.module.configuration.RequestHeaderAutoLoginConfiguration.cfg".

We need to make host entries of valid IP's.

You can also enable ldap import feature from this file!

Test it in similar manner as Basic Authentucation Auto Login.

Request Parameter Auto Login

    For parameter auto login, append these parameters in URL

If you use
"/c/portal/login?parameterAutoLoginLogin=test@liferay.com&parameterAutoLoginPassword=test "
 then it will redirect you to default landing page as well.

Config file >  "com.liferay.portal.security.auto.login.request.parameter.module.configuration.RequestParameterAutoLoginConfiguration.cfg".


To create custom AutoLogin : https://dev.liferay.com/develop/tutorials/-/knowledge_base/7-0/auto-login#creating-an-auto-login-component

You can also enable\disable\update auto login settings from control panel > Configuration > System Settings > Foundation > [search login]

Note: If you’re running Liferay DE 7.0 Fix Pack 7 or earlier, or Liferay CE Portal 7.0 GA3 or earlier, System Settings exports a .cfg file instead of a .config file. The file format was changed to fix a bug with multi-value settings, which the .cfg format didn’t handle properly. See the bug report for more information. Any Liferay Portal system newer than those listed in this note uses the .config file format.

You are just done, Try & Enjoy the function.............:)