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Friday, 7 September 2012

ckEditor does not let copy paste microsoft word formatting like tables, colouring inside table cells

Liferay is using ckeditor, but not responsible for any bug ckeditor has.

Let us see first that how this bug stop us to use copy paste function with formatting from MS Word.

1. Log to the system.
2. Go to control panel > Wiki.
3. Create wiki and add wiki page.
4. Open MicroSoft Word.
5. Create tables format them with colours or etc.
6. Click on this word icon

7. Copy and Paste this content from MS Word to ckeditor.

Expected result : It should copy paste all content with formatting.
Actual Result : It will format the content without any formatting.

Workaround :
1) Create a hook of tomcat-6.0.29\webapps\ROOT\html\js\editor\ckeditor\ckconfig.jsp
2) Append below lines in end of file -


3) Deploy hook & you are done.

You are just done, Try & Enjoy the function.............:))

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