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Monday, 21 May 2012

Create Hook Inside a Portlet, Liferay

Hi Folks,

Yesterday i tried something new, it's easy but useful.

Sometimes we have a requirement where we need a portlet which depends on some extended functionality of Liferay. So in that case we have to create a external hook and provide two wars separately.

Their is an answer, we can create a Portlet which also contains a Hook.

Steps to Go -
1) Create a simple portlet.
2) Put a liferay-hook.xml in WEB-Inf in your portlet.
3) Map the entry, which functionality you want to extend, e.g. portal.properties,stratup-events.
4) Put the require file in place as you put in Hook.

Example : Create a Portlet which extends an startup events by Hook.
1) Create a Hello Portlet.
2) Put liferay-hook.xml in WEB-Inf.
3) Put this entry in liferay-hook.xml file -


4) Create portal.properties in src of Hello portlet.
5) Copy below line to portal.properties -


6) StartupAction is the class which extends SimpleAction and executes strartup events.

You are just done, Try & Enjoy the function.............:))


  1. Thanks..it helped me

  2. What abt com.gomedia.startup.events.StartupAction?